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This short film is just the beginning. Read below to see how you can get involved to help bring Harriet’s story to life.

Harriet Doorstep


Carry Me Home: A Remember America Film is the result of a collaboration between Dayspring Christian Academy and LampHouse Films. It is the powerful story of freedom that is fought for on the Underground Railroad through the unrelenting faith and courage of Harriet Tubman.

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Dayspring Christian Academy is one of about 25 Principle Approach® schools in America. Its rich and elevated classical curriculum trains the hearts and minds of their students to understand and apply truth.

Through its Remember America Films initiative Dayspring seeks to honor God by illuminating His providence in America’s history. The films are based on true stories that have been carefully researched and masterfully told. Dayspring was drawn to Harriet Tubman because of her unwavering belief that God would come through for her even in the most dire of circumstances.

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LampHouse Films is a film production company based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They are a team of storytellers in love with the craft of filmmaking.

At the heart of every LampHouse film is a sincere, captivating story. Carry Me Home is no departure from that creed. Harriet Tubman’s display of selflessness, grit, and conviction throughout her life is why LampHouse is honored to have the chance to tell the story of such a strong, influential woman.


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Your financial support of Carry Me Home can carry this film to completion and beyond. Great benefits and exciting recognition await our supporters. Including opportunities to host early screenings of the film!

To learn more about how to get involved financially Contact Joanne Martin at 717.285.2000 or email

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